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We are The Manager Clan

Our Mission is to help managers to grow and overcame challenges.

Start enjoying being part of a manager community that can support you and mentor you through your career. Share knowledge and ideas with like minded people through this platform. Manager Clan will help you to navigate better through the challenges of being a manager, with all the challenges that this implies.

How: With the support of our managers community. Every manager can be part of this community to be supported and help other managers. Share knowledge and help managers to overcome their daily and new challenges.

Why a Clan: The definition of a clan is “a close-knit group who are related or who share a strong common interest” and that is what we are the Manager Clan.

What’s in the logo

Robert Katz identifies three types of essential skills for a successful management process and therefore a Manager.

Each of these skills is represented in our Logo as a circle and all our content is categorised against these 3 circles:

Manager Clan Logo
  • Vision: Conceptual or visionary / strategic content- Blue
  • People: Human or interpersonal management content- Red
  • Tactic: Technical or specialist content- Black

Robert Katz words:

“It is assumed here that an administrator is one who (a) directs the activities of other persons and (b) undertakes the responsibility for achieving certain objectives through these efforts. Within this definition, successful administration appears to rest on three basic skills, which we will call technical, human, and conceptual. “

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